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Indian River

Indian River Trail

Explore the first part of Indian River Valley as you walk along clear green water & towering trees.

  • 2 hours
  • From 225 US dollars
  • 3 Miles - Easy

Trek Description

Weave along the clear turquoise water of Indian River as the trail takes you into the Indian River Valley, with views of the Three Sisters Mountains from the muskeg area and salmon in late summer and early fall. You’ll cross over log bridges and be surrounded by mossy forests and towering trees as the trail curves along the river where eagles often perch in the trees. Learn about the plants and history of the area and relax near the water's edge and enjoy the calming natural surroundings. Level of difficulty: Easy. The hiking time is about 1.5 hours. Though the trail itself is not particularly difficult, it is a long enough distance that participants will need to be able to walk at a moderate pace for over an hour. Trail Condition: There is a mix of boardwalks, log bridges, uneven rocks, and roots. Sections can be slippery and muddy when wet. Group Size & Age: This hike can have up to 7 participants. There is no age restriction for this trek, however, Tongass Treks cannot legally transport children under 65 pounds and less than 57 inches tall, unless you provide a car seat or booster seat for your child. Sitka Baby Rentals ( provides baby equipment rentals if needed and can be picked up by Tongass Treks to have ready for your hike. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent, a legal guardian, a grandparent, an aunt, or an uncle. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent, a legal guardian, or an adult family member. Meeting Location: We can pick you up at your place of choice (your hotel, cruise ship dock, Airbnb, etc.) Included: Transportation to and from the trail, a knowledgeable local guide, bear and wilderness safety, snacks, hiking poles, sunscreen, and a bottle of water (but encourage participants to bring their own when possible to reduce single-use plastic waste). Price: 1 or 2 People - $225, 3 People - $300, 4 People -$375, 5 People - $450, 6 People - $525, 7 People - $600 **This trek does not go to the falls at the back of the valley. Please see our Indian River to Falls trek if you wish to do the 9-mile return hike to the falls.

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